Attention to quality is an integral part of our company’s culture.

At Maple Ridge Hardwoods we specialize in producing the highest quality green hardwood lumber in the industry. From hand-marking each tree in the forest to hand-picking each board as it comes off the mill, every step of the production process is managed by experienced lumbermen trained to adhere to the highest standards of consistency and quality.

Attention to quality is an integral part of our company’s culture. We are able to meet these high standards because we have some of the best employees and most advanced equipment in the industry. This allows us to produce lumber to incredibly tight tolerances and with virtually no waste.

Light-colored species are milled as quickly as possible to ensure freshness and quality. They are never held longer than 10 days. Dark-colored species are constantly sprinkled with water in warm weather to prevent bacterial growth and lumber staining.

Maple Ridge Hardwoods is also known for developing custom sawing techniques. We thrive on challenge, so bring us your idea and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Each log is pre-sold and cut to order. Each customer receives full product. We mill random widths and lengths, but we can saw logs to any custom thickness. Our products include plain sawn, rift and quarter sawn, flitches, boules, and veneer logs.

We produce all the major Michigan hardwood species.These include: